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IPLEX GX/GT for Manufacturing Inspection

Get the Most out of Your Videoscope

With interchangeable insertion tubes and light sources, an 8-inch screen, and advanced imaging features, the IPLEX GX/GT videoscope delivers an optimal balance of versatility, imaging capabilities, and ease of use whether you're working on the line or in R&D.

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Convenient Controls

A large, 8-inch monitor leaves plenty of room to display both your inspection image and quick control buttons for faster, more detailed inspections. Full-screen images are also available at the touch of a button when you need to see the bigger picture.

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IPLEX GX/GT: Function - Convenient Controls

Tested Tough

IPLEX GT/GX videoscopes are drop tested, IP65 rated and pass MIL-STD-810G/461G standards. The insertion tube is also abrasion resistant, so you can be confident when using it on rough surfaces or in narrow spaces.  The scopes can be quickly interchanged to reduce downtime.

Crisp Images and Powerful Measurement Tools

The videoscope uses a noise reduction algorithm to make it easier to locate problems and defects in dark areas. Standard scalar measurement allows you to size objects using a reference defect. Upgrade to the stereo measurement option to size objects using precise 3D coordinates.

IPLEX Videoscopes:
Flexible Options for Various Application

The IPLEX series offers videoscope options for various applications and budgets.

High Portability – IPLEX G Lite >

Lightweight, rugged, and small enough to take almost anywhere

High-Resolution Images – IPLEX NX >

Brilliant, high-resolution imagery in a tough, durable package

See Inside Narrow Spaces – IPLEX TX >

Ultra-thin videoscope for extra-small spaces

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