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Coil Drive Signals
Excitation Modes Single or multifrequency mode.
Multiplexed mode allowing time multiplexing of up to two simultaneous frequencies.
Number of Coil Drivers 2 independent generator outputs
Number of Input/Time Slots Max 2 inputs per smart probe connector
Max 8 inputs for legacy connector
8 inputs total for the instrument, 32 time slots each for a total of 256 time slots
Frequency Range 50 kHz to 2 MHz
Output Impedance, per ISO 15548-1 Section 6.2.3 < 1.5 Ω typical at 480 kHz, current limited
Maximum Output Load, per ISO 15548-1 Section 6.2.5 Up to 9W typical at 480 kHz
Probe inputs
Input Impedance, 16-pin Connector, per ISO 15548-1 Section 6.3.2 850 kΩ typical
Input Capacitance, 16-pin Connector 250 pF typical
Input Impedance, 41-pin Connector 1 MΩ typical
Input Capacitance, 41-pin Connector 220 pF typical
Absolute Maximum Allowable Input Voltage, per ISO 15548-1 Section 6.3.1 ±10 V (20 V p-p)
Acquisition Inputs
Gain Adjustment range: −26 dB to 76 dB
A/D Converter 24-bit resolution
Digital Filters Programmable digital low-pass and high-pass filters
Maximum Acquisition Rate 40 kHz
Standard DIN EN ISO 15548
Network Interface 1000BASE-T x-coded 1 Gb
Size (W × H × D) 295 mm x 133 mm x 473 mm
Weight 8.7 kg (19.5 lb)
IP Rating IP55
Total Peak Power Consumption 85 W
DC Input 24 VDC
Temperature Range Operating 0 °C–45 °C (32 °F–113 °F),
Storage −20 °C–70 °C (−4 °F–158 °F)
Digital I/O & Encoders 8 digital inputs (programmable)
8 digital outputs (programmable) 2 encoder inputs (incremental, A & B phase)
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