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DSX Solutions for Light Microscope Users

If you’ve ever experienced any of these challenges, DSX microscopes can help.

Images need to be observed with good contrast and no halation.

A combination of high-quality optics and advanced digital image processing optimizes image quality.

With a high dynamic range (HDR) function that combines several images taken at different exposures, DSX microscopes enable you to clearly observe surfaces that are normally challenging to see, such as those with low contrast.


Coated Paper (Left: Low Contrast, Right: HDR)


Mounted Substrate (Left: Lack of Brightness, Right: HDR)

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High-resolution images beyond a microscope’s normal field of view are required.

DSX microscopes offer panoramic imaging. As you move the stage, the microscope seamlessly stitches together multiple high-resolution images to create a single, large image.


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Images must be in focus, even if their surfaces are uneven.

The extended focal image (EFI) function provides clear, in-focus images of your sample with a single click, regardless of how uneven the surface is.

EFI captures several images at different focal points and combines them into a single, all-in-focus image.


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Images need to be viewed in three dimensions.

With one click, you can view sample images in three dimensions, enabling you to examine them at any angle.


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Microscope settings need to be simple for less-experienced users.

DSX microscopes automatically show you the same image in several observation modes; all you need to do is select the best image.


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Results must be consistent and reproducible between different users.

The microscope's optics, hardware, and software are engineered to work together, minimizing the chances of human error.

DSX microscopes are fully digital so that all image acquisition and observation conditions, including stage coordinates, the observation method, and calibration, can be saved and recalled at any time. This feature enables you to easily repeat any inspection and measurement method, ensuring that you’re consistently making the same observations with the same settings.

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