What are Industrial Fiberscopes?

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High-quality glass fibers for image transmission.
Observation through an eye piece.

Each Olympus Industrial Fiberscope is comprised of the insertion section (the distal end, bending section and flexible section), as well as the control and eyepiece section.
*Image guide fibers, light guide fibers and wires for tip angulations are all built in.
*The IF6PD4 does not incorporate bending and control sections.

Structure Drawing:
stracture drawing IPLEX FX

Features of Olympus Industrial Fiberscopes:

  • The distal end can be bent in either two or four directions, by handheld controls (except IF6PD4).
  • Easily change the field of view, direction of view and depth of field by switching the optical adaptor. (most model)
  • Extensive scope lineup including ultra-thin and long types.

Magnification Ratio of Fiberscopes:
Magnification Ratio Fiberscopes

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