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Power and Portability Optimized for Chinese Inspection Requirements

The EPOCH® 6LS ultrasonic flaw detector provides reliability and functionality in a simple, lightweight instrument. Built on the powerful EPOCH 650 series platform and designed specifically for the Chinese field service and maintenance market, the EPOCH 6LS flaw detector puts outstanding inspection performance at your fingertips.

Your Entire Inspection in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Ergonomically designed for fast, single-hand operation to support your entire inspection.
  • Simplified menu structure and AUTO80 gain adjustment enable you to quickly calibrate for material and angle and then build a DAC curve compliant to N/BT 47013.3-2015 to qualify potential defects.
  • Save your inspection data or record inspection video directly on the instrument.
  • Export your data to a USB drive in formats such as bitmap, PDF, and CSV.

More Functionality on the Go

  • Automatic angle verification tool
  • DAC mode compliant to NB/T 47013.3-2015
  • Large VGA display that’s readable outdoors
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design with knob control
  • Spike pulser up to 400 V
  • Digital filters for an excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Password protection helps prevent critical parameter adjustment errors
  • Durable—engineered to IP65/67 and drop tested
EPOCH 6LS screen
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