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Burr of Injection Mold


During injection molding of resin and plastic, excessive resin can sometimes protrude into the gaps of the molded parts. Such protrusions are called “burrs.” Burrs are formed at gaps on bushing sections, injector pins, parting lines, and other sections. The formed burrs need to be removed from the injection molded parts.  Failure to remove the burrs can result in an increase in burr size to the point that the molded part is no longer functional. Furthermore, such larger burrs can critically damage dyes. It is important to monitor for burr formation and record results in the quality inspection process, in order to avoid damage to expensive dyes and reliably produce molded parts of high quality.

Olympus solution

The Olympus Digital Microscope DSX1000 makes checking for burrs easy and allows operators to capture images of the highest quality. The microscope section can be freely tilted, enabling image capture of sections with burrs on injection-molded products at any magnification selected. Likewise, it is also possible to select the angle of the light desired. The DSX1000 system has image processing features to enhance contrast and specific colors, which means that the system is perfect for quality control. The standard system has a variety of measurement features and is capable of measuring the size of burrs, offering quantitative inspection.

Features of the product

  • 16X optical zoom for high-resolution observation
  • Ease of Use Wizard enables new users to obtain high-quality results
  • DSX1000 can be tilted to any angle for observation
  • DSX1000 has a variety of lighting and image processing features to highlight distinctive points
  • DSX1000 has a variety of size measurement features to solve your needs


Burr of Injection Mold

Inspection of burrs on injection molded resin parts  
Objective Lens 3.6x , Zoom 1x

Olympus IMS

Immagini e risultati migliori. I microscopi digitali DSX1000 permettono un'analisi più veloce dei guasti assicurando precisione e ripetibilità

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