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Digital Microscopes

Digital MIcroscope DSX Series

We introduced the world to a new dimension in industrial microscopy with DSX Series digital microscopes. With the unique combination of time-tested Olympus optics and today’s newest digital imaging technology, the DSX Series sets a new standard in industrial microscopes.


Upright digital microscope
•All-in-one system capable of 3D image acquisition and advanced image analysis
•High-resolution images
•Highly accurate measurements

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Inverted digital microscope
•Optimal for structural analysis of metal sample cross sections
•Automatic focus and panoramic image capture
•Highly accurate measurements

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Free-angle wide-zoom digital microscope
•16X wide zoom range for macro inspections
•Tiltable head offers multiangled observation
•Focused images for uneven surface samples

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Digital Microscope Solutions

Light Microscopy Solutions

With versatile image processing capabilities, an intuitive interface, and responsive touch screen, DSX digital microscopes offer superior imaging solutions versus conventional optical microscopes.

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Digital Microscopy Solutions

DSX digital microscopes' excellent optical performance and reliable measurement provide outstanding results compared to conventional digital microscopes.

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Image Analysis Software Solutions

Olympus image analysis software expands the capabilities of our digital and laser confocal microscopes by providing additional advanced materials solutions that fit your analysis and inspection needs.


OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software offers fast, efficient inspection workflows for all process steps for image acquisition, quantitative measurements and image analysis, reporting, and advanced materials science inspections tasks.

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