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Digital Camera Systems OM Adapters

Digital Camera System OM Adapter

These adapters allow you to connect industrial fiberscopes or rigid borescopes to selected Olympus digital SLR cameras or mirrorless ones*1. This makes it easy to transfer images to a computer and for creating archives of inspection histories.

*1: The optional OM adaptor MF-1 or MF-2 is required to connect the OM adapters listed below to the digital SLR cameras or mirrorless ones.

AI-3M/4M AK-1M/SM-R Specifications

Compatible scope* IF4D5/4S5 IF6PD4
IF6C5X1 IF8D4X2/X3
IF8DC5 K12/17/27, X09/12/17/25 Miniborescopes
IF11C5 Series 5 Rigid Borescopes
Camera connecter MF-1 for connection to the digital SLR cameras.
MF-2 for connection to the mirrorless cameras.

Notes: Magnification of the AI-4M 1.3x larger than the AI-3M. / Magnification of the AK-1M is 1.8x larger than the SM-R.
*Moire may appear if pixel interference occurs in certain inspection environments. (such as fiber mesh and CCDs) or in certain output devices (such as LCDs and printers)

C-mount Adapters

C-mount Adapters
For connection of TV cameras to Fiberscopes and Rigid Borescopes
C-mount Adapters Specifications
ScopeC-Mount adapterMagnification ratioBrightness ratio
IF3 Series
MC-04 0.8 1.6
MC-05 1 1
MC-09 1.6 0.39
IF4D4/4S4, IF5D4X1
IF6D4, IF8D4, IF11D4
IF4D5/4S5, IF6C5, IF6C5X1
IF8C5, IF11C5
AI-10C 0.8 1.56
AI-11C 1 1
AI-12C 1.51 0.44
AI-3C 2 0.25
IF6PD4, IF2D4, IF2D5
Rigid Borescopes
AK2-5C 0.75 1.8

C-mount CCD Camera

By connecting a CCD camera to fiberscopes or Boresopes, the images will be displayed on a video monitor and recorded for further analysis and archiving. This also allows for group viewing of inspection images, saving time, user fatigue and improving the decision making process.

*Recommended models are available from our Sales representatives.

Controller Holder

Allow the handheld controller to be affixed to a tripod, making it useful for prolonged inspections.
MB-936IF2D4, IF4D4/4S4, IF5D4X1, IF6D4, IF2D5, IF4D5/4S5, IF6C5, IF6C5X1, IV6C5-20・35
MB-937IF8D4, IF11D4, IF8C5, IF11C5, IV12D4, IV20D4, IV6C5-75・110・160, IV8D5/8S5

Optical Adapter

You can change the field of view, direction of view, and depth of field by switching the optical adapter on the scope tip.
(For IF5D4X1/ IF6C5X1/ IF8C5/ IF11C5/ IF8D4X2)

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