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Parts mounting position measurement of O2 sensor

Sensor Appearance

O2 Sensor

1. Background

A vehicle’s overall quality is equal to the sum of its parts, and it is imperative for manufacturers to maintain rigid standards of excellence for every component. Manufacturers must also take into account requirements such as emission reduction, fuel efficiency, long-term durability, and regulatory standards. The increasing complexity of auto parts and components also requires manufacturers to place a strong emphasis on material characteristics, fitting tolerances, and technical cleanliness, which all play a strong role in the long-term durability, durability, and life-expectancy of the final product.

2. Application

O2 (oxygen concentration) sensors require higher-density and more accurate measurement than any other type of vehicular sensor. Rod-shaped ceramic heaters are inserted into tubes several millimeters wide and secured into position, and failure to position the heater accurately can result in sensor deterioration.

3. The Olympus solution

Olympus STM7 measuring microscopes are equipped with field lenses to allow an operating distance of approximately 60 to 50 millimeters, and are capable of acquiring sample visualization spanning from low-magnification, wide field imagery to high-magnification spot imagery. Dedicated calculation software provides automatic edge identification to eliminate measurement errors while offering multiple measurements to facilitate accurate mounting status digitalization.

Sensor Appearance

O2 sensor: External view

Sensor Appearance-cut

O2 sensor: Cross-sectional view

Sensor GUI 

Calculation software GUI: STM7

Olympus IMS

The STM7 microscopes offer excellent versatility and high performance three axis measurements of parts and electrical components, with sub-micron precision. Whether samples are small or large, simple or complex, or measurements are being taken by a novice or an expert, the Olympus STM7 range features measuring microscopes tailored to fit your needs.
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