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31 mai, 2019

3D Modeling Expands the Measuring Power of the Olympus IPLEX NX Videoscope

WALTHAM, Mass. (May 31, 2019) — The IPLEX NX industrial videoscope’s ground-breaking HD RVI imaging is now supported by an advanced software capability, 3‑dimensional modeling. The new 3D modeling feature enhances users’ ability to make confident measurements. It enables them to examine the details of the inspection target from multiple angles, making it easier to specify the exact location of the measurement points. More precise placement of these points helps increase the reliability of the measurement results.

Industrial videoscopes are used to visually inspect the interior of confined spaces, such as power plant equipment or aircraft engines, without the need for disassembly. The tip of a videoscope’s insertion tube, which can be freely manipulated, is fitted with a very small camera with its own light source. Industrial videoscopes are widely used for tasks such as equipment maintenance or inspecting a component’s quality. Olympus has been supplying the IPLEX series of industrial videoscopes since 2000 to meet diverse customer needs.

The IPLEX NX videoscope is the first in the series to offer high-definition imaging (HD RVI), and other notable features include:

  • 4x wider measurement area compared to conventional scopes
  • Powerful laser diode light source providing even brightness and excellent visibility
  • Large 8.4-inch touch screen that is clear and readable in any light

With the addition of 3D modeling, the IPLEX NX videoscope provides users the ability to:

Rapidly confirm measurement objects
  • 3D modeling offers users a comprehensive view of the shape and complexity of inspection targets
  • Measurement points can be more precisely placed, improving inspection speed and efficiency
  • Choosing the right points the first time is also easier, helping minimize the need to re-measure
Set reference lines more precisely
  • 3D images facilitate setting reliable reference lines on difficult components, such as the edge of a turbine blade
  • Probability of misalignment is reduced
Make confident depth measurements
  • Confirming the reference plane is intuitive
  • Precise placement of measurement points contributes to more reliable depth measurements

The 3D modeling feature is available as a software upgrade for IPLEX NX videoscopes.

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31 mai 2019
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