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01 juin 2011
Olympus is pleased to introduce the BXiS metallurgical microscope system.

The BXiS offers a flexibly integrated digital imaging solution to fit your needs with your own individual style for variety of applications, including semiconductors, electronic parts and various materials. In combination with the newly developed image analysis software, OLYMPUS Stream, that provides integrated operation from basic image capture to image processing, report generation, and data exporting, the BXiS allows you to create a streamlined workflow to support your work.

1.Keep Your Workflow Streamlined
The BXiS microscope when combined with a digital camera and OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software can be integrated to manage all activities from capturing images, processing images, measurements, analysis and report generation with efficiency. Its easy-to-use user interface and dynamic interface guide you through effortless operation. Additionally you can set up your own tool window layout to best fit to your workflow. With a motorized nosepiece or the newly developed coded manual nosepiece that provides automatic magnification readout, the system instantly updates changes in the optical system, into the scale bar and measuring results.

2.Build Your Olympus System Your Way
The hardware and software can be combined in a wide variety of configurations to create systems that fit your applications. There are five different microscope frames, to which a variety of vertical illuminators, observation tubes, stages and other components can be attached as to fit a specific purpose or provide a broad range solution for many applications. A wide variety of objective lenses are available from our UIS2 family of over 150 objective lenses for every observation techniques, brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, infrared, differential interference contrast (DIC) and fluorescence. A digital camera is also available from broad range of manufactured by Olympus. The combination of the superb optical performance of the microscope, the optimized digital camera and the image processing capabilities of the OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software, provide you with a system that will be the perfect tool for your sample and application.

3.Easily Expand to Future Applications
To facilitate management and sharing of images obtained through the microscope, the system supports the latest IT environments, including the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows7, and Microsoft Office 2010. It is also compatible with professional database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server Express. These features will support future expandability to future applications.

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