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Image Quality

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View targets and illuminate large cavities with bright light. Our laser diode illumination system is up to 4X brighter than conventional videoscopes.

See Clearly

Advanced imaging technology delivers outstanding image clarity so you can see tiny defects in stunning detail.

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See True-to-Life Colors

Designed for color-critical inspections, our advanced image sensor and bright laser diode illumination enable inspectors to view targets in their natural colors, even if the target object is away from the scope tip.

Wider view enables fast and efficient measurement

Super wide stereo measurement increases the scope’s measurable area by 4X as compared to a conventional model. Easily measure the distance of a crack in a combustion chamber or a defect in the blade root.

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Large, User-Friendly Touch Screen

An 8.4-inch detachable touch screen gives you flexibility, no matter your inspection target. The intuitive, icon-based menu helps make your inspections fast and efficient.

The result displayed above can not be guaranteed under different test conditions.

Built to withstand more environmental radiation

The IPLEX NX works 1.7 times longer than our conventional videoscope in radioactive environments.

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