Olympus Stream Ver.2.3 Tools

1. General 

This file contains additional tools for OLYMPUS Stream 2.3. The following operating systems are supported:

Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 Pro (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate/Professional (32/64 Bit) SP1

2.  Installation procedure

1. Download

(1) Click the [Download] button at the right of this page. 
*Download file name: [Stream_2.3_Tools.zip] (file size: 2.67 GB)

(2) When an entry form appears, enter all required fields.

(3) Click the [Download] button to start downloading.

2. Installation

(1) Uncompress zip file


(2) Right-click on the icon and select [Extract All…] from the pop-up menu. 

(3) Set a Destination and click the [Extract] button. 

(4) The file is uncompressed and the folder is opened:

(5) You can find several tools for Stream 2.3 in the subfolders of Tools. For the installation of these tools you might have to uncompress corresponding setup files first and then execute the installer of the tool.

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