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The high-precision thickness gage module (TGM) is an advanced ultrasonic data collection system designed for demanding applications that require sub-micron resolution in thickness measurements or picosecond resolution in time-of-flight measurements. This high-performance benchtop system offers great accuracies using our advanced ultrasonic instrumentation and our ScanView Plus data acquisition software.

Features and Benefits.

  • Measures polymer coatings or plastic barrier layers as thin as 0.0005 in (0.012 mm)
  • Submicron thickness resolution
  • Picosecond time-of-flight resolution
  • Frequency inspection range from 50 kHz to 400 MHz
  • Displays as many as 32 measurements per channel for multilayer applications
  • Measurements can be exported easily to standard spreadsheet packages

The system also offers very stable time-of-flight measurements at picosecond resolution. These time measurements are useful in material analysis applications to quantify very small changes in density or hardness by tracking incremental changes in material sound velocity. The sophisticated ScanView Plus system displays measurement data in tabular format or a graphical matrix, or exports it to standard spreadsheet packages. The resolution and accuracy of the TGM is significantly greater than that found in conventional portable thickness gages.
The base TGM system includes a computer, digitizer card, customer-specified pulser/receiver and ScanView Plus software. The TGM system also includes an instrument setup menu for easy reconfiguration of multiple pulser/receivers. Every system is custom tailored to your requirements.

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