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EPOCH XT Advanced Filter Option: Expanded digital receiver filter package allowing custom High Pass and Low Pass filter combinations, including Bypass settings. Choose from a wide range of High Pass and Low Pass filters to create custom filter sets for optimal receiver performance. Allows High Pass filter to be bypassed to maximize performance for low frequency applications. Note: May not be compliant with EN12668-1 when this option is in use. When deactivated the instrument remains compliant. Software activated on instrument.
For instrument software purchases, a customer service representative will contact you to provide you with an activation code(s).

If you already purchased a device, enter its internal (software) serial number in the format XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX.What’s This?

Each EPOCH has a unique, internal serial number. To find this serial number on the EPOCH XT:

  1. Power on the EPOCH XT
  2. Press the INSTR SETUP button on the keypad
  3. Press the Right Arrow button to highlight the Status tab
  4. The internal (software) serial number is located near the bottom of this Status sub-menu, labeled “S/N”
Item NumberPart CodeNameEstimated Ship*DeviceDevice OptionsPrice
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U8140099EPXT-FILTERSAdvanced Filter Software1-3 daysEPOCH XT

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