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Scanning Options

Scanning Options

Longitudinal scanning

This scanning configuration is useful for smaller pipes or when the region of interest is concentrated within a specific sector around the pipe. The FlexoFORM solution's longitudinal scanning ability also makes it a powerful tool for inspecting water walls in power generation boilers.


Small-diameter elbow manual scanning

A small-diameter wedge series is available to inspect pipes smaller than 4.5 in. Users can manually scan the extrados (outer curve) of elbows or pipes from 1.3 in. OD up to 4 in. OD. For encoded C-scans, the SFA1-SMALL wedge series can be fitted with a Mini-Wheel encoder.


Automated scanning

In some applications, scanning in the longitudinal direction is preferred over scanning circumferentially. The SFA1-AUTO wedge series works on pipes with diameters from 8.625 in. OD and up, including flat surfaces.


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