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Webinar Recap: Techniques for Rapid, Accurate Sample Analysis in the Field

For more than ten years, portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) has evolved into a standard industry technique for quickly generating near real-time geochemistry in all aspects of geoscience including environmental, academia and research, mineral exploration, mining, mineral processing, and laboratories. In addition, recent advances in portable powder X-ray diffraction (pXRD) have delivered quantitative mineralogy to geoscientists in the field, something that was previously only possible in the lab. Together, these two novel techniques are changing the speed, resolution, and cost of decision-making data and transforming geochemistry and mineralogy in the field. 

In this webinar, Aaron and Dane from our International Mining Group discuss the basic concepts of pXRF and pXRD and review innovative and exciting case studies from our customers around the globe. 

This webinar is intended for anyone involved in the collection of geo-scientific samples for geochemical and mineralogical characterization and showcases what can be achieved with Olympus’ portable analyzers.

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Meet the speakers:  

Aaron Baensch, Principal Geologist, Olympus

Aaron is the Principal Geologist of Olympus’ International Mining Group and is based in Sydney, Australia. He has been working with Olympus since 2008 and is an industry specialist in the application of portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) and X-ray diffraction (pXRD) for mineral exploration, mining, mineral processing, and environmental applications. A qualified geologist with over 20 years’ experience, Aaron is a graduate of the Western Australian School of Mines – Kalgoorlie (BSc. Mineral Exploration & Mining Geology). 

Dane Burkett, XRD Specialist, Olympus

Dane is an XRD Product Specialist at Olympus. Dane’s role is to develop applications for Olympus’ XRD product line, especially within the natural resources sector from exploration to material handling and mineral processing. He also provides technical and application support to Olympus XRD customers working in a variety of backgrounds, including oil and gas exploration, maintenance, research, medical, forensics, mining, and mineral processing. Dane completed his Ph.D. in Applied Geology at the University of New South Wales, and his research concerned the genesis of the Kulumadau epithermal gold deposit on Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea. 

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