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Webinar - New Olympus IPLEX RX/RT Videoscope, powered by PulsarPic, provides brighter and sharper images

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This webinar will introduce participants to the new Olympus IPLEX RX videoscope.   Find out how the all new PulsarPic process technology has improved the way a videoscope image is captured.   Participants will learn how the IPLEX RX videoscopes new camera and ultra bright LED light source all combine to provide an easy to use and powerful videoscope that offers the best image quality in the IPLEX product line.  Attendees will see a demonstration of the IPLEX RX which will highlight key features such as the dynamic pulse illumination system to reduce glare and hotspots, sharpness and color enhancement settings as well as basic 1 touch hot button controls from brightness, zoom, record, freeze, review and gain functions.

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