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How ADT Software Can Improve Your Company’s Productivity and Reliability

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In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to Automated Detection Technology (ADT) software from VeriPhase®. ADT is a software tool that helps streamline the workflow and analysis of phased array weld data. We will discuss the advantages and benefits that ADT software brings to service companies and compare the productivity and reliability of a company using ADT versus a company not using ADT software.


Emilie Peloquin - Global Product Support Specialist, Olympus
Emilie Peloquin has been in the welding/NDT industry since 2009. She holds an Associates Degree in Applied Science and is educated in a wide variety of NDT methods. Emilie joined Olympus in 2013 and has held positions ranging from technical support to product management, focusing on ultrasonic, phased array, and other advanced inspection technologies. As a Global Product Support Specialist, she’s involved in business and product development, supporting a variety of applications across numerous industries.

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