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11 June, 2019

38-Link™ Adaptor Makes Inspections More Efficient by Enabling Wireless Thickness Data Transfer from Any 38DL PLUS® Gage

The new 38-Link adaptor for the 38DL PLUS® ultrasonic thickness gage enables seamless data transfer using wireless LAN or Bluetooth®. The 38-Link adaptor connected to the 38DL PLUS gage can wirelessly communicate to the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC), compatible apps or a PC using the optional Link-Wedge PC software.

Adding the 38-Link adaptor to the 38DL PLUS thickness gage turns it into a connected instrument that greatly improves efficiency and data management. Upgrading is easy; simply connect the adaptor to the gage’s protective rubber boot.

Communication to the Olympus Scientific Cloud* using wireless LAN provides powerful workflow management tools. Users can organize and monitor the entire thickness gaging inspection workflow and see completion status. Inspection files can be created in the office and then wirelessly pushed to 38DL PLUS thickness gages, shortening setup time. Inspectors can wirelessly transmit their inspection results from the field to the Cloud, making them immediately accessible.

The Olympus Link mobile app can be used to send thickness data from the gage to a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to share data using email or text message. The data can also be accessed using third-party compatible apps.

Data can also be sent from the gage to a PC using the optional Link-Wedge software. The wedge software runs in the background of your Windows® 7 or Windows 10 PC and receives data from the 38-Link using Bluetooth. The software acts as a keyboard wedge and inserts thickness readings into any active data entry location, enabling the adaptor to populate thickness data into almost any Windows®-based program.

For more information about the 38-Link adaptor, contact your local Olympus representative or visit www.olympus-ims.com.

*Some Cloud features require a paid OSC subscription after an initial trial period. Refer to www.olympus-osc.com for details.

Olympus and 38DL PLUS are registered trademarks, and 38-Link is a trademark of Olympus Corporation.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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June 11, 2019
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