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September 21, 2015
Olympus Demonstrates Its Commitment to Québec City with the Purchase of 33,000 m2 of Land for a New Office and Manufacturing Complex

Olympus NDT Canada Inc. announces the purchase of 33,000 m2 of land in Québec City’s Michelet Innovation Zone and the start of construction on a new office and manufacturing complex. Olympus NDT Canada currently leases space in three locations in the Québec City area. Purchasing this land demonstrates Olympus’ commitment to the region and enables business and manufacturing operations to be consolidated in a single location.

Olympus NDT Canada, part of Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, purchased 33,000 m2 of land approximately 2 km from its current location at 505 Boulevard du Parc-Technologique in Québec City. The new site will be home to an office and manufacturing complex for advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) technologies and will be Olympus’ largest office in Canada. “We are very excited to begin construction,” said Fabrice Cancre, President of Olympus NDT Canada and COO of Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas. “This new building demonstrates our commitment to the region. The quality of the education system and workforce are the biggest reasons that we chose to build this new facility in Québec City.”

When the new building is completed, it will help Olympus realize plans for growth over a five-year span that may include hiring up to 100 new employees. Conveniently located near a major public transportation hub and major highway, the new complex will cost in excess of $35 million and has a total area of approximately 16,000 m2. The structure was engineered by an architectural firm skilled in environmentally friendly designs and will utilize natural light, water recycling, and energy conservation technologies. Amenities for employees include an on-campus gym, a cafeteria, and an outdoor patio. For customers, the new building will feature a larger product demonstration space and a product training facility.

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