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October 03, 2018

The FlexoFORM™ Scanner Provides a Complete Ultrasonic Testing Solution for Corrosion Inspection of Pipe Elbows

Olympus today introduced a new phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) solution for reliable inspection of pipe elbows, the FlexoFORM scanner. This solution incorporates Olympus’ proven flexible array probe technology with an innovative water wedge designed to conform to the inner and outer curved surfaces of pipe elbows. The FlexoFORM scanner can acquire corrosion mapping data for a complete picture of pipe elbow’s integrity.

Thanks to an array of advanced features, this scanner solution offers several advantages:

  • 100% pipe elbow coverage: FlexoFORM water wedges feature a foam gasket that contours to the elbow’s inner and outer curves, helping ensure a reliable signal of the entire circumference of pipes 4.5 in. OD and up.
  • Reduces preparation time: An encoder maps the scan axis of the pipe, and an indexing button is located right on the scanner to increment the index axis. Drawing lines is optional, depending on the level of precision required.
  • Acquires high-resolution data (1 mm × 1 mm): Olympus’ advanced imaging technology provides a comprehensive image of the overall condition of the pipe elbow and facilitates the analysis of flaws, such as corrosion pitting and mid-wall lamination, inclusions, and remaining wall thickness.
  • Smoother and faster scanning: Minimal operator effort is required. Magnetic wheels are positioned to support the FlexoFORM scanner so that it naturally follows the centerline of the pipe elbow.
  • Cost effective and versatile: The same scanner and phased array probe are used to cover the entire range of diameters. Only the water wedge needs to be changed to adapt to a different diameter.
For added flexibility, the FlexoFORM solution’s options include a water wedge series for small pipes as well as a wedge series for automatic raster scanning.

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October 03, 2018
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