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6 June, 2018

Olympus’ Versatile SteerROVER™ Motorized Steerable Scanner Performs Remote Weld Inspection and Corrosion Mapping

Olympus today announced the addition of a motorized steerable scanner to its line of solutions for ultrasonic and phased array testing. The field-tested, remote-controlled SteerROVER scanner is the most advanced and versatile motorized scanner offered by Olympus. Like its forerunner the MapROVER scanner, the SteerROVER scanner performs circumferential weld inspection and corrosion mapping using a raster arm, yet is capable of much more. Its innovative design creates added advantages:

  • Inspect at heights without expensive scaffolding: Steer to hard-to-reach areas thanks to the scanner’s two pods with independent motors and four strong magnetic wheels.
  • Easy to control: Adjust the scanner’s position in relation to the weld or the zone to be mapped using an intuitive touch-screen remote and two joysticks.
  • Versatile: Packages offered with either a motorized raster arm for corrosion inspection or a four-probe holder rack for weld inspection (other options also available).
  • Performs longitudinal inspection of welds on pipes as small as 12 in. OD: The drive pods and pivoting probe holder can fold to adapt to a range of pipe diameters.

While the SteerROVER scanner is operated by a touch-screen handheld remote control, the ultrasonic data is acquired and collected using a compatible instrument such as Olympus’ rugged OmniScan®MX2 flaw detector or the FOCUS PX™ phased array data acquisition unit. Complete Olympus weld inspection and corrosion mapping solutions can be built to suit specific inspection needs.

Olympus and OmniScan are registered trademarks, and SteerROVER and FOCUS PX are trademarks of Olympus Corporation.

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June 06, 2018
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