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May 23, 2018

Olympus Launches IPLEX® G Lite Ultra-Portable Industrial Videoscope: Powerful imaging capabilities in a lightweight, portable and drop-tested body

Olympus today launched its all-new IPLEX® G Lite ultra-portable industrial videoscope for fast, easy visual inspections of small or difficult-to-access locations such as aircraft engines and piping. The lightweight, 2.5-pound (1.15 kg) videoscope features powerful imaging and measurement tools and is rugged enough to pass U.S. Department of Defense drop test standards (MIL-STD-810G).

The IPLEX G Lite videoscope is the successor to the compact IPLEX UltraLite model. The new videoscope retains the small size and light weight of IPLEX UltraLite for easy one-handed operation but improves upon its predecessor with several key features, including:

  • Touch screen monitor and electrically-operated tip articulation
  • Enhanced image processing with LED illumination
  • Freeze-frame and automatic recording functions

Better Imagery

Inspectors will no longer sacrifice portability for the sake of high-quality images as the IPLEX G Lite videoscope incorporates the advanced imaging features of larger videoscopes, including:

  • Dynamic Image Optimization: PulsarPic™ image processor constantly optimizes images by reducing halation, balancing exposure and increasing gain quality.
  • LED Illumination: An LED light source twice as bright as that of its predecessor provides improved illumination.
  • 60-Frames-Per-Second (fps) Video: A 60-fps frame rate enables users to capture smooth, clear video, even when recording a moving object. HDMI video output simplifies the data transfer process.
  • Contrast Matching: Wider Dynamic Extended Range (WiDER®) technology enables inspectors to see fine details across the entire image by enhancing contrast.
  • Interchangeable Illumination Options: Users can quickly and easily swap their LED for UV or IR illumination when working in dark environments.

Fast, Easy Inspections

Efficiency and ease-of-use play critical roles in the effectiveness of industrial inspection instruments. The lightweight IPLEX® G Lite videoscope incorporates multiple features designed to simplify the inspection process:

  • Responsive Articulation: TrueFeel™ articulation and a lightweight joystick provide precision control to help users quickly navigate to the inspection area.
  • Smart Video Recording: Automatically records the last 30 minutes of video inspections to help eliminate accidental erasure. Users can also bookmark important video segments and capture still images while recording.
  • Oil-Clearing Tip: Oil-clearing adaptor uses capillary action to enabling users to get clear images without having to remove the insertion tube to clean the lens.

Rugged Frame

Small but tough, the IPLEX G Lite videoscope is designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use in even the harshest conditions.

  • Drop tested: Designed to pass U.S. Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) four-foot drop tests.
  • IP65: Protected against rain, dirt, and dust intrusion.
  • Multiple Scope Lengths: Available with scopes measuring 2 meters, 3.5 meters or 10 meters long in 4- or 6-millimeter (mm) diameters.

For more information about the IPLEX G Lite and Olympus’ line of industrial videoscopes, contact a sales representative or visit

Olympus, IPLEX, and WiDER are registered trademarks, and PulsarPic and TrueFeel are trademarks of Olympus Corporation.

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May 23, 2018
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