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January 28, 2013
Olympus Offers in-Stock Delivery of Tube Probes for 2013 Shutdowns

Inspectors can rely on Olympus NDT as a supplier that can deliver Tube Probes as quickly as possible - same or next day delivery is not uncommon. We have increased our Tube Probe Inventory levels at the factory. Olympus is happy to offer you the most common Tube probe models and diameters for immediate purchase.

Check out the Web Store and the Tube Probe Catalogue for more information and the full list of models kept in inventory. Furthermore, with our Tube Probe Inventory ready for 2013 shutdowns, our production team is prepared for fast delivery when you need a custom probe model, whether your needs are for ECT, ECT array, RFT,RFT array, NFT, NFT array, MFL, MFL array or IRIS tube probes.

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