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February 13, 2012
Tube Inspection Equipment Promotion and News

Small PIpe Inspection
Limited Time - Save 10% on Tube Probe Equipment.
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Special Savings on Tube Inspection Probes and Equipment
We are currently offering a 10% discount on tube probe equipment for a limited time.* To take advantage of this discount, use the promotion code Tubes2012. Most tube testing probes are stocked for a quick delivery.
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*The promotion is valid exclusively on tube inspection equipment available on the "Tube Inspection Probes" section of the Webstore.
This promotion is valid until April 30, 2012.
New Tube Probe Catalog
The new Tube Probe Catalog is now available for download on the Olympus website. Inventory levels of these probes have been increased to provide you with the quickest delivery possible to meet your requirements.
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Tube Probe Selection Guide 3.0
The new recently released 3.0 Tube Probe Selection Guide now includes new features recommended by our valuable customers, including stocked probes and fill factor. Be sure to give it a try.
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Tube Testing Technology Poster
This 24 in. x 33 in. wall poster has been designed by field experts to present tube inspection technologies in a concise and clearly illustrated manner. The poster illustrates the concepts of the different testing technologies and the types of probes available. Request your free poster today.

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Learn more about solutions for tube inspection.
MultiScan MS5800 for Tube Inspection
The MultiScan MS5800 for tube inspection is a multi-technology sytstem that offers eddy current, magnetic flux leakage, remote field and IRIS ultrasonic technologies.

Tube inspection Technologies for
• Condensers
• Feedwater Heaters
• Carbon Steel Heat Exchangers
• Air Conditioners
• Boilers

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