Eddy Current Array Tutorial
EC Probes

Olympus' standard eddy current probes are available in different configurations:

  • Bolt hole probes
  • Surface probes, in various shapes and configurations
  • Low-frequency Spot and Ring type probes
  • Sliding probes
  • Wheel probes
  • Conductivity probes
  • Specialty probes made for specific applications

Reference standards with EDM notches can be manufactured according to the application specifications.

Probes used to perform eddy current inspections are made with a copper wire wound to form a coil. The coil shape can vary to better suit specific applications.

a-The alternating current flowing through the coil at a chosen frequency generates a magnetic field around the coil.
b-When the coil is placed close to an electrically conductive material, eddy current is induced in the material.
c-If a flaw in the conductive material disturbs the eddy current circulation, the magnetic coupling with the probe is changed and a defect signal can be read by measuring the coil impedance variation.

Surface preparation is minimal. Unlike liquid penetrant or magnetic particle inspection, it is unnecessary to remove the paint from the surface to inspect the parts.

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