Thickness Gage Tutorial

Cable Length

Ultrasonic gages are most commonly used with transducer cables approximately 1 meter or 3 feet in length. Generally the use of very long cables is not recommended unless required by test conditions. When cable length exceeds approximately 3 meters or 10 feet at common test frequencies, cable effects should be considered since there is a possibility of negative effects. The maximum length of cable that can be used in a specific case will depend on the type of transducer and minimum thickness to be measured. Dual element transducers can be used with much longer cables than single element transducers, potentially as long as 100 meters or 300 feet with an appropriate instrument setup. Particular attention must be paid to the problems of electrically matching the transducer to the cable, accounting for attenuation of the signal in the cable, and compensating for pulse transit time through the cable.

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