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OLYMPUS Stream software is a powerful and user-friendly tool for making measurements, developed for Olympus microscopes with the assistance of experienced microscope users. The software is available in a variety of packages designed to fit various needs from the entry-level OLYMPUS Stream Start software to advanced packages.

OLYMPUS Stream Packages 

OLYMPUS Stream software is available in four packages based on functionality—Start, Basic, Essentials, and Motion.
Application-specific materials solution modules can be added to streamline repetitive analysis tasks. Olympus representatives can help you determine which package is right for you. 

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Seamlessly Integrates with Most Olympus Optical Microscopes 

Control Upright Microscopes

BX53M microscope and software system 

The BX53M microscope employs coded functions that integrate the microscope’s hardware settings with OLYMPUS Stream software. The observation method, illumination intensity, and objective position are all recorded by the software and/or the handset. The microscope settings can be automatically saved with each image, making it easier to reproduce the settings at a later time and provide documentation for reporting purposes. 

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Control Inverted Microscopes

GX53 microscope and software system

Our digital cameras provide high-resolution viewing and fast image transfer while our software provides all the tools needed for today's complex metallurgical requirements. 
Choose from extended measurements, standard metallography, and advanced metallography application-specific modules (over a dozen application specific routines are available), and automatically populate data and create reports that comply with common ASTM and ISO specifications. 

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Control Semiconductor Microscopes

Integrated microscope and software system

We offer several software platforms that integrate with our semiconductor microscope frames to control all motorized functions, including the digital camera and motorized stage. Each interface is designed for basic inspection and control, advanced image analysis, or repetitive site inspection and defect review.

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Control Stereo Microscopes

SZX16 microscope and software system

Our stereo microscope motorized focus drive makes digital documentation with extended focal imaging (EFI) efficient and fully automatic. This even enables the creation of pseudo 3D images. The software offers tools for simple 2D measurements up to complex phase analysis and support many operations including observation, report generation, database creation, and archiving.

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Enhance the Power of Olympus Confocal and Digital Microscopes

Use OLYMPUS Stream software for post-processing (Stream Desktop) with the complete range of DSX series digital microscopes and the LEXT 3D measuring laser microscope.

LEXT 3D measuring laser microscope

DSX digital microscope series

View the LEXT 3D Measuring Laser Microscope
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Supports Most Olympus Digital Cameras

Resolution and Color Fidelity

The low-noise, high-resolution images of a 9-megapixel sensor enable the user to zoom deep into the sample, revealing its structures (sandstone)

Excellent spatial resolution combined with a high pixel count exploit the full optical resolution of the objectives and enable the structures and details within the smallest samples to be imaged, even with low magnification objectives. High-definition images enable you to make observations exclusively on-screen without using the eyepieces.

Reveal More with Infrared (IR)

IR image of the backside from a Si wafer,
taken with the XM10-IR monochrome

IR imaging mode is a fundamental tool for quality control and in R&D laboratories. IR mode enables nondestructive inspection through silicon layers of packaged products during the back end stage of fabrication.

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Dedicated Observation Methods for Materials Science

HDR imaging for enhanced contrast

High dynamic range (HDR) imaging improves image contrast in difficult conditions (very bright areas together with very dark areas in the same image). All cameras supported by OLYMPUS Stream software can be used in this mode, and dedicated cameras have an available live mode.

Clearly exposed for both dark and bright parts by HDR (Sample: fuel injector bulb)

Contrast enhancement by HDR (Sample: Sliced magnesite)

MIX observation to visualize sample’s surface structure

The software supports our MIX observation

This illumination technique combines directional darkfield, which uses a circular LED to illuminate one or more quadrants at a given time, , and brightfield, fluorescence, or polarization, enabling you to highlight defects and differentiate raised surfaces from depressions that are normally difficult to see with conventional microscopes. MIX observation helps reduce a sample’s halation and is useful for visualizing a sample’s surface texture.

Conventional: brightfield shines the light straight down on the sample while traditional darkfield highlights scratches and imperfections on a flat surface by illuminating the sample from the side of the objective

Advanced: MIX is a combination of brightfield
and directional darkfield from a ring of LEDs;
the LEDs can be adjusted to select which
direction to illuminate from

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