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DSX Solutions to Light Microscope

Have you ever encountered following problems? DSX has solutions!

DSX offers solutions to the common problems experienced by light microscope users.

DSX solves the difficulty to observe a sample which has low contrast or halation.

A combination of very-high-quality optics and advanced digital image processing optimizes images without complex adjustment.

With its HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, DSX enables clear observation of surface conditions that are normally difficult to observe using a light microscope. HDR combines several images taken at different exposures, enabling clear observation, even with low-contrast images.


Coated Paper (Left: Low Contrast, Right: HDR)


Mounted Substrate (Left: Lack of Brightness, Right: HDR)

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DSX solves the problem of being forced to a narrow field of view for high-resolution observation.

With DSX, there is no “outside the field of view.” With its high-quality panoramic imaging, it automatically stitches images seamlessly into one as the stage moves.


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DSX solves the problem of unclear focus on uneven surfaces.

DSX offers Extended Focal Image, which gives a clear, in-focus image of a sample with one click, regardless of how uneven the surface is.

During Extended Focal Image, several images are taken while the point of focus is moved up. In turn, areas where the sample is in focus are combined into one clean image.


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DSX solves the problem that actual structure cannot be reproduced by a flat image of a 3D sample.

One click and DSX shows sample images in three dimensions, so the sample can be examined from any angle and observed as it actually is.


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DSX solves the complex microscope setting that deters less-experienced operators.

With DSX, there is no operation mode setting. The microscope automatically proposes several possible images in several observation modes; all the operator needs to do is select the optimal image.


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DSX solves the doubt that created by inconclusive inspection results, due to the issue of reproducibility among multiple operators.

DSX optics, hardware, and software are engineered to work as one, thereby preventing human errors.

DSX is fully digital so that all image acquisition and observation conditions, including stage coordinates, observation method, calibration data applying, etc., can be saved and recalled at any time. Any operator can easily repeat any inspection and measurement method, ensuring observation under the exactly same conditions and settings.

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