Industrial Microscopes

Efficient Report Creation

Reports that comply with international standards.

The smart and sophisticated reporting tools based on predefined templates that comply with industry standards enable easy one-click digital documentation of the inspection results. The results are created in Microsoft Word 2016 and can also be directly exported as PDF so that data can easily be sent via email. Report templates help inexperienced operators avoid mistakes, but can be easily modified to meet the needs of your company. Tools for data sharing and reporting save time and increase reaction time and productivity. The OLYMPUS CIX100 system can also archive reports and data for record keeping. 

Completely Intuitive by Predefined Templates

The smart and sophisticated reporting tools of the OLYMPUS CIX100 system are based on predefined, professional-looking templates. All available templates are clearly listed.

Efficient and Easy

Analytical reports comply with the standard used during analysis.

A list of available templates is displayed based on the standard used during analysis and allows fast creating of compliant reports even by unexperienced operators.

Easy Data Export

The software supports output formats such as MS Word or PDF.

Exporting a report is as easy as clicking your mouse. The operator can choose to export the reports into MS Word or PDF, depending on their requirements and needs.

Long-Term Data Safety

Capability to justify decision after years.

Inspection data and reports need to be achieved for a certain period of time. 

Sample Information Area

The information page of a report

This area of the report consists of information about the sample such as customer, examiner, order number, and date of inspection. All data are inserted automatically.

Classification Table

Because the largest particles detected during the scan are of high interest, this report section lists the ten largest particles found during the inspection.

This section of the report incorporates the data calculated during the inspection according to the standard used and displays information such as size class and range information, as well as the absolute numbers of particles detected and the contamination class.

Images of Largest Particles

The result page showing images of the largest particle

Thumbnails of the largest particles are displayed together with the particle parameters and the particle class. Thumbnails also show images of contaminants reconstructed by stitching smaller images together.

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