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Six BX53M suggested configurations provide you with flexibility to choose the features that you need.

General Use

Dedicated Use


Easy setup with basic features


Simple to use with
versatile upgrades


Supports numerous advanced features


Ideally suited for
Fluorescence observation


Designed to use Infrared observation to inspect integrated circuits


Designed for observing birefringence characteristics

LCD color filter

LCD color filter

Microstructure with ferritic grains

Microstructure with ferritic

Copper wire of coil

Copper wire of coil

Resist on IC pattern

Resist on IC pattern

Silicon layering IC pattern

Silicon layering IC pattern









See Specification Chart

Entry Standard Advanced Fluorescence Infrared Polarization
Microscope frame Reflected or Reflected/Transmitted Reflected or Reflected/Transmitted Reflected Transmitted
Simple illuminator ■■
Aperture legend ■■■■
Coded hardware ■■■■
Focus scale index ■■■■■■
Light intensity manager ■■■■
Hand switch operation □□■□
MIX observation □□■□
Objectives Select from 3 objectives based on your applications Select from 3 objectives based on your applications Objectives for IR Objectives for POL
Stage Select from 5 stages based on the size of your samples Select from 5 stages based on the size of your samples Stage for POL


R-BF:  Brightfield (Reflected)
T-BF:  Brightfield (Reflected/Transmitted)
DF:  Darkfield
DIC:  Differential interference contrast / Simple polarization
FL:  Fluorescence
IR:  Infrared
POL:  Polarization

*T-BF can be used when selecting Reflected/Transmitted microscope frame.

■: Standard
□: Option

Example Configurations for Materials Science

Modular design enables various configurations to meet users’ requirements.
Below you can find some examples of configuration for materials science.

BX53M Reflected and Reflected/Transmitted Light Combination

There are two types of microscope frames in the BX3M series, one for reflected light only and one for both reflected and transmitted light. Both frames can be configured with manual, coded, or motorized components. The frames are outfitted with ESD capability to protect electronic samples.

BX53MRF-S example configuration

BX53MRF-S example configuration

BX53MTRF-S example configuration

BX53MTRF-S example configuration

BX53M IR Combination

BX53M IR Combination

IR objectives can be used for semiconductor inspection, measurement, and processing applications where imaging through silicon is required to see the pattern. 5X to 100X infrared (IR) objectives are available with chromatic aberration correction from visible light wavelengths through the near infrared. For high magnification work, rotating the correction collar of the LCPLNIR series of lenses corrects for aberrations caused by sample thickness. A clear image is obtained with a single objective.

Click here for details about IR objective lenses

BX53M Polarized Light Combination

The optics of the BX53M polarized light combination provide geologists with the right tools for high-contrast polarized light imaging. Applications such as mineral identification, investigating the optical characteristics of crystals, and observing solid rock sections benefit from system stability and precise optical alignment.

BX53-P orthoscopic configuration

BX53-P orthoscopic configuration

BX53-P conoscopic/orthoscopic configuration

BX53-P conoscopic/orthoscopic configuration

Bertrand Lens for Conoscopic and Orthoscopic Observations

With a U-CPA conoscopic observation attachment, switching between orthoscopic and conoscopic observation is simple and fast. It is focusable for clear back focal plane interference patterns. The Bertrand field stop makes it possible to obtain consistently sharp and clear conoscopic images.

Bertrand Lens for Conoscopic and Orthoscopic Observations
An Extensive Range of Compensator and Wave Plates

An Extensive Range of Compensator and Wave Plates

Six different compensators are available for measurements of birefringence in rock and mineral thin sections. Measurement retardation level ranges from 0 to 20λ. For easier measurement and high image contrast, the Berek and Senarmont compensators can be used, which change the retardation level in the entire field of view.

Measuring Range of Compensators

Compensator Measuring Range Major Application
Thick Berek (U-CTB) 0 to 11,000 nm
(20 λ)
Measurement of High Retardation Level (R*>3λ)
(crystals, macromolecules, fiber, etc.)
Berek (U-CBE) 0 to 1,640 nm
(3 λ)
Measurement of Retardation Level
(crystals, macromolecules, living organisms, etc.)
Senarmont Compensator (U-CSE) 0 to 546 nm
(1 λ)
Measurement of Retardation Level (crystals, living organisms, etc.)
Enhancement of Image Contrast (living organisms, etc.)
Brace-Koehler Compensator
1/10λ (U-CBR1)
0 to 55 nm
(1/10 λ)
Measurement of Low Retardation Level (living organisms, etc.)
Enhancement of Image Contrast (living organisms, etc.)
Brace-Koehler Compensator
1/30λ (U-CBE2)
0 to 20 nm
(1/30 λ)
Measurement of image contrast (living organisms, etc.)
Quartz Wedge (U-CWE2) 500 to 2,200 nm
(4 λ)
Approximate Measurement of Retardation Level
(crystal, macromolecules, etc.)

*R = retardation level
For more accurate measurement, it is recommended that compensators (except U-CWE2) be used together with the interference filter 45-IF546.

Strain Free Optics

Thanks to Olympus’ sophisticated design and manufacturing technology, the UPLFLN-P strainfree objectives reduce internal strain to the minimum. This means a higher EF value, resulting in excellent image contrast.

BXFM System

BXFM System

The BXFM can be adapted to special applications or integrated into other instruments. The modular construction provides for straightforward adaptation to unique environments and configurations with a variety of special small illuminators and fixturing mounts.

Modular Design, Build Your System Your Way

Microscope Frames

There are two microscope frames for reflected light, one also has transmitted Light; capability. An adapter is available to raise the illuminator to accommodate taller samples.

Reflected light Transmitted light Sample height
1 BX53MRF-S 0 to 65 mm
2 BX53MTRF-S 0 to 35 mm
1, 3 BX53MRF-S + BX3M-ARMAD 40 to 105 mm
2, 3 BX53MTRF-S + BX3M-ARMAD 40 to 75 mm

Convenient Accessories for Microscopy use

HP-2 Hand press
COVER-018 Dust cover

Microscope Frames


For microscopy applications where the sample will not fit on a stage, the illuminator and optics can be mounted to a larger stand or to another piece of equipment.

BXFM + BX53M Illuminator Configuration

1 BXFM-F Frame interface is wall mounting 32 mm pillar
2 BX3M-ILH Illuminator holder
3 BXFM-ILHSPU Counter spring for BXFM
6 SZ-STL Large stand

BXFM + U-KMAS Illuminator Configuration

1 BXFM-F Frame interface is wall mounting 32 mm pillar
5 U-ST Stand
6 SZ-STL Large stand



For microscope imaging with eyepieces or for camera observation, select tubes by imaging type and operator’s posture during observation.

FN Type Angle type Image Number of diopter
adjustment mechanisms
1 U-TR30-2 22 Trinocular Fixing Reverse 1
2 U-TR30IR 22 Trinocular for IR Fixing Reverse 1
3 U-ETR-4 22 Trinocular Fixing Erect
4 U-TTR-2 22 Trinocular Tilting Reverse
5 U-SWTR-3 26.5 Trinocular Fixing Reverse
6 U-SWETTR-5 26.5 Trinocular Tilting Erect
7 U-TLU 22 Single port


The illuminator projects light onto the sample based on the observation method selected. Software interfaces with coded illuminators to read the cube position and automatically recognize the observation method.


Coded function Light source BF DF DIC POL IR FL MIX AS/FS
1 BX3M-RLAS-S Fixed 3 cube position LED - Built in
2 BX3M-URAS-S Attachable 4 cube position LED
Mercury/Light guide


LED - Built in
5 BX3-ARM Mechanical arm for transmitted light


Light Sources

Light sources and power supplies for sample illumination, choose the appropriate light source for the observation method.

Light Sources

Standard LED Light Resource Configuration

1 BX3M-LEDR LED lamp housing for reflected light
2 U-RCV DF converter for BX3M-URAS-S, required for observation with DF and BF when necessary
3 BX3M-PSLED Power supply for LED lamp housing, requires BXFM system
4 BX3M-LEDT LED lamp housing for transmitted light

Fluorescence Light Resource Configuration

5 U-LLGAD Light guide adapter
2 U-RCV DF converter for BX3M-URAS-S, required for observation with DF when necessary
6, 7 U-LLG150 Light guide, length: 1.5 m
8 U-HGLGPS Light source for fluorescence
9, 10 U-LH100HG (HGAPO) Mercury lamp housing for fluorescence
2 U-RCV DF converter for BX3M-URAS-S, required for observation with DF when necessary
11 U-RFL-T Power supply for 100W mercury lamp

Halogen and Halogen IR Light Resource Configuration

12 U-LH100IR Halogen lamp housing for IR
13 U-RMT Extender cable for halogen lamp housing, cable length 1.7 m (requires cable extension when necessary)
14, 15 TH4-100 (200) 100V (200V) specification power supply for 100W/50W halogen lamp
16 TH4-HS Hand switch for light intensity of halogen (dimmer TH4-100 (200) without hand switch)


Attachment for objectives and sliders. Select by the number of objectives needed and types; also with/without slider attachment.


Type Holes BF DF DIC MIX ESD Number of
centering holes
1 U-P4RE Manual 4

2 U-5RE-2 Manual 5

3 U-5RES-ESD Coded 5

4 U-D6RE Manual 6

5 U-D6RES Coded 6

6 U-D5BDREMC Motorized 5

7 U-D6BDRE Manual 6

8 U-D5BDRES-ESD Coded 5

9 U-D6BDRES-S Coded 6

10 U-D6REMC Motorized 6

11 U-D6BDREMC Motorized 6


Select the slider to compliment traditional brighfield observation. The DIC slider provides topographic information about the sample with options to maximize contrast or resolution. The MIX slider provides illumination flexibility with a segmented LED source in the darkfield path.


DIC Slider

Type Amount of shear Available objectives

MIX Slider

Available objectives


U-MIXRCBL* U-MIXR cable, cable length: 0.5 m

*MIXR only

Controls Box and Hand Switches

Control boxes for interfacing microscope hardware with a PC and hand switches for hardware display and control.

BX3M-CB (CBFM) Configuration

1 BX3M-CB Control box for BX53M system
2 BX3M-CBFM Control box for BXFM system
3 BX3M-HS MIX observation control, indicator of coded hardware, programmable function button of software (Stream)
4 BX3M-HSRE Motorized nosepiece rotation


BX3M-RMCBL (ECBL) Motorized nosepiece cable, cable length: 0.2 m

Controls Box and Hand Switches


Stages and stage plates for sample placement. Select based on sample shape and size.


150 mm × 100 mm Stage Configuration

1 U-SIC64 150 mm × 100 mm flat top handle stage
2 U-SHG (T) Silicone rubber operability handle rubber for improvement (thick type)
3 U-SP64 Stage plate for U-SIC64
4 U-WHP64 Wafer plate for U-SIC64
5 BH2-WHR43 Wafer holder for 4-3 in.
6 BH2-WHR54 Wafer holder for 5-4 in.
7 BH2-WHR65 Wafer holder for 6-5 in.
8 U-SPG64 Glass plate for U-SIC64

76 mm × 52 mm Stage Configuration

14, 15 U-SVR (L) M 76 mm × 52 mm right (left) handle stage
2 U-SHG (T) Silicone rubber operability handle rubber for improvement (thick type)
16 U-MSSP Stage plate for U-SVR (/L) M
17, 18 U-HR (L) D-4 Thin slide holder for the right (left) opening
19, 20 U-HR (L) DT-4 Thick slide holder for the right (left) opening, for pressing the slide glass to stage top surface, the specimen is difficult to lift

100 mm × 100 mm Stage Configuration

9, 10 U-SIC4R (L) 2 105 mm × 100 mm right (left) handle stage
11 U-MSSP4 Stage plate for U-SIC4R (L) 2
12 U-WHP2 Wafer plate for U-SIC4R (L) 2
6 BH2-WHR43 Wafer holder for 4-3 in.
13 U-MSSPG Glass plate for U-SIC4R


21 U-SRG2 Rotatable stage
22 U-SRP Rotatable stage for POL, from any position can be 45° click stop
23 U-FMP Mechanical stage for U-SRP/U-SRG2

Camera Adapters

Adapter for camera observation. Selectable from required field of view and magnification. Actual observation range can be calculated using this formula: actual field of view (diagonal mm) = viewing field (viewing number) ÷ objective magnification.

Camera Adapters

Magnification Centering adjustment CCD image area (field number) mm
2/3 inch 1/1.8 inch 1/2 inch
1 U-TV1x-2 with U-CMAD3 1 10.7 8.8 8
2 U-TV1xC 1 ø2 mm 10.7 8.8 8
3 U-TV0.63xC 0.63 17 14 12.7
4 U-TV0.5xC-3 0.5 21.4 17.6 16
5 U-TV0.35xC-2 0.35 22
6 U-TV0.25xC 0.25


Eyepiece for viewing directly into the microscope. Select based on desired field of view.

FN (mm) Diopter adjustment mechanism Built-in cross reticle
1 WHN10x 22

2 WHN10x-H 22

3 CROSS WHN10x 22
4 SWH10x-H 26.5

5 CROSS SWH10x 26.5

Optical Filters

Optics filters convert sample exposure light to various types of illumination. Select the appropriate filter for observation requirements.

Optical Filters


1, 2 U-25ND25,6 Neutral density filter, transmittance 25%, 6%
3 U-25LBD Daylight color filter
4 U-25LBA Halogen color filter
5 U-25IF550 Green filter
6 U-25L42 UV-cut filter
7 U-25Y48 Yellow filter
8 U-25FR Frost filter (Required for the BX3M-URAS-S)


9 U-AN-2 Polarization direction is fixed
10 U-AN360-3 Polarization direction is rotatable
11 U-AN360P-2 High quality polarization direction is rotatable
12 U-PO3 Polarization direction is fixed
13 U-POTP3 Polarization direction is fixed, for use with U-DICRH
14 45-IF546 Green ø45mm filter for POL


15 U-AN360IR IR polarization direction is rotatable (reduces halation at IR observation when using combination with U-AN360IR and U-POIR)
16 U-POIR IR polarization direction is fixed
17 U-BP1100IR Band pass filter: 1100 nm
18 U-BP1200IR Band pass filter: 1200 nm

Transmitted Light

19 43IF550-W45 Green ø45 mm filter
20 U-POT Polarizer filter


22 U-25 Empty filter, for use with user's ø25 mm filters

*AN and PO are not necessary when using BX3M-RLAS-S and U-FDICR


Condensers collect and focus transmitted light. Use for transmitted light observation.

1 U-AC2 Abbe condenser (available from 5x objectives)
2 U-SC3 Swing-out condenser (available from 1.25x objectives)
3 U-LWCD Long working distance condenser for glass plate
4 U-POC-2 Swing-out condenser for POL

Mirror Units

Mirror unit for BX3M-URAS-S. Select the unit for required observation.

1 U-FBF For BF, detachable ND filter
2 U-FDF For DF
3 U-FDICR For POL, crossed nicol position is fixed
4 U-FBFL For BF, built-in ND filter (It is necessary to use both BF* and FL) 
5 U-FWUS For Ultra Violet-FL: BP330-385 BA420 DM400
6 U-FWBS For Blue-FL: BP460-490 BA520IF DM500
7 U-FWGS For Green FL: BP510-550 BA590 DM570
8 U-FF Empty mirror unit

*For coaxial episcopic illumination only

Mirror Units

Intermediate Tubes

Various types of accessories for multiple purposes. For use between tube and illuminator.

1 U-CA Magnification changer (1X, 1.25X, 1.6X, 2X)
2 U-TRU Trinocular intermediate unit
Intermediate Tubes

UIS2 Objectives

Objectives magnify the sample. Select the objective that matches the working distance, resolving power and observation method for the application.

Click here for details about UIS2 objective lenses

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