Industrial Microscopes

Work efficiently: simple operating procedures

Work efficiently: simple operating procedures

The system features automatic data capture, so difficult setting adjustments are no longer necessary. Even users with minimal training can still obtain accurate results.

Simplify the measurement area

Simplify the measurement area

The simple analysis function measures the step, line width, surface roughness, area, and volume only in the specified measurement areas. The causes of variance in the measurement results, such as the edge position and the threshold of the reference planes in volume analysis, are automatically detected so that the measurement results are stable and not affected by the operator’s skill level.


Measurement of the step height difference and distance between two specified regions.


Measurement of the difference in angle between two specified regions.


Measurement of the area/volume in the specified region; the reference planes are detected automatically, so no threshold setting is necessary.


Measurement of the surface roughness in the specified region.


Measurement of the width by automatically detecting edges in the specified region.


Measurement of R and the height from the reference plane based on the automatic recognition of a circular shape in the specified region.

Automatic image correction

Automatic image correction

Smart Judge processing automatically eliminates measurement noise without compromising data accuracy, while Smart Leveling detects the main horizontal plane (reference plane) at the zero height position. Activate both with a single click.

Save time with templates

All of the operations and procedures included in a report can be saved as a template.
Using this template when repeating the same measurements makes it possible to obtain an analysis report on the next set of data that applies the same procedures.
The ability to specify processing operations and measuring points without the operator’s intervention enables fast, precise analysis with minimal variance.

Save time with templates 1

Save time with templates 2

Save time with templates 3

Save time with templates 4

Conduct the inspection and take measurements.

Output the report and save the template.

During the next acquisition, open the saved template.

Instantly output a report based on the template.

Other technologies that make the system easy to use

  • Real-time macro mapping
  • Continuous auto focus
  • Smart scan II
  • Macro function

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