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OLS5000LP: Reduce Time

The microscope's scanning algorithm delivers improved data quality and greater speed to reduce the scan time and streamline your workflow, resulting in better productivity.

PEAK algorithm

PEAK Algorithm

VLSI Standard 80 nm height sample (MPLFLN10XLEXT) 

The OLS5000 microscope incorporates a PEAK algorithm for 3D data construction. This algorithm provides highly accurate data from low to high magnifications and reduces the data acquisition time.

Skip scan

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OLS5000: Skip Scan

When measuring the shape of steps on a sample containing near-vertical planes, such as an electronic component or MEMS, the data acquisition time can be reduced by limiting the Z-direction scanning range.
A 700 μm step can be measured in about 15 seconds without degrading the accuracy (when the MPLAPON20x objective is used). 

Other speed-enhancing technologies

  • Band scan
  • 1-line data acquisition

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