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Laser Microscope Solutions

►Feature of a laser microscope

  1. Sub-micron 3D observation/ measurement

  Sub-micron 3D observation/ measurement

Observe steps in the nanometer range and measure height differences at the sub-micron level.

  2. ISO25178-compliant surface roughness measurement

  ISO25178-compliant surface roughness measurement

Measure surface roughness from linear to planar.

  3. Non-contact, nondestructive, and fast

  Non-contact, nondestructive, and fast

No sample preparation required—simply place the sample on the stage and you're ready to measure.

►Advantages of a laser microscope

Conventional measuring tools

Laser microscope

Optical microscope, digital microscope

•Unable to measure small shapes
Unable to measure small shapes

•Poor lateral resolution

•Non-traceable measurement results


•Precision 3D measurement
Precision 3D measurement

•0.12 μm lateral resolution

•Traceable measurement results

Stylus surface roughness tester

•Can damage the sample’s surface
Can damage the sample’s surface

•Information from only one line

•Difficult to place the stylus on a target position


•Non-contact measurement doesn’t damage the sample
Non-contact measurement doesn’t damage the sample

•Acquire information from an entire plane

•Pinpoint measurement

White light interferometer

•Has difficulty capturing rough surface shapes
Has difficulty capturing rough surface shapes

•Poor lateral resolution makes positioning difficult

•Inconvenient inclination adjustment


•Accurate rough surface measurement by capturing small slopes
Accurate rough surface measurement by capturing small slopes

•0.12 μm lateral resolution

•Just place your sample on the stage to start measurement

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

•No color information
No color information

•Samples must be destroyed and prepared in advance

•3D shape measurement is not possible


•High-definition color observation
High-definition color observation

•Nondestructive and no sample preparation required

•Precise 3D measurement

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