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Format CF Card

Formatting CF Card FAT32

Insert your CF card into your CF card adapter which you have connected to your PC.

CF card inserted in CF card reader

NOTE: Your CF card may not appear as drive G: in your computer.

Right click on your CF card drive and select "Format...":

About to select Format...

The Format dialog will allow you specify the File System. Ensure that "FAT32" is selected:

Select FAT32 file system

You can enter a "Volume label" if one is required.

When you are ready, press the "Start" button.

All information on the CF card will be erased and cannot be recovered if you format your CF card. Please ensure that you have backed up the contents of your CF card before formatting.

Confirm format start

You will be asked for confirmation before the format procedure begins. Press "OK" to begin.

This will format and erase all information on your CF card.

When the format procedure has completed you will be presented with a confirmation dialog:

Format complete

Press "OK".

Format complete. Close to finish.

Press "Close" to finish.

Safely remove your CF card.

Safely remove your CF card...

Your CF card is now ready to use in your camera.

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