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Share XRF Results Across the Globe with the Vanta™ Data Viewer

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We recently sat down with Olympus’ Associate Product Manager Lauren Dos Santos to learn more about the Vanta Data Viewer, a free app for Vanta handheld XRF analyzers in the Olympus Scientific Cloud™ (OSC) that expands your data management capabilities.

In this interview, she answers some commonly asked questions about the Vanta Data Viewer and explains how it can help customers view data from their XRF analyzers anywhere in the world.

Q: What does the Vanta Data Viewer do?

A: The Vanta Data Viewer app is a powerful tool that simplifies data collection and sharing. The app enables OSC users to remotely view real-time data and test results from their Vanta analyzer—or multiple Vanta instruments—located anywhere around the world. This means you can share Vanta XRF analysis results instantly around the globe.

For example, a mining exploration customer in Australia may want to share XRF results in real time with colleagues located at their headquarters in London. With the app, they can share results immediately.

Q: What information can I share with the app?

A: Test results, including the spectra, chemistry, instrument location, and field. For easy sorting, you can filter results by date and serial number.

Q: How do I begin using the Vanta Data Viewer app?

It’s easy to get started. Just follow three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Login or register for a free Olympus Scientific Cloud account 
  • Step 2: Register your Vanta analyzer under the Devices section using your serial number
  • Step 3: Go to My Apps and download the free Vanta Data Viewer app

Q: Why should I get the Vanta Data Viewer app?

A better question might be, why wouldn’t you? It’s free, and gives you instant access to XRF data from anywhere in the world! Purchasing a Vanta instrument not only gives you a great handheld XRF analyzer, but now you have the added value of using the free Vanta Data Viewer app.

Q: As an asset owner of multiple instruments, will this app allow me to manage data from different locations?

Yes. With the Vanta Data Viewer app, you can view results of any instrument in your fleet. You also have the added bonus of viewing the locations where each analysis was taken by each instrument on a map.

Q: Where can I learn more about the Vanta Data Viewer?

A: If you’d like to see the Vanta Data Viewer in action, watch this video:

You can also check it out for yourself now by signing up for a free OSC account. And don’t forget to browse all our apps in the OSC’s App Marketplace to get the most out of your Vanta XRF analyzers and other Olympus inspection equipment.

About Lauren Dos Santos

Lauren has worked in the XRF industry for eight years. She has conducted XRF trainings, classes, and demos and is currently assisting with the innovation of Olympus’ XRF product lines. In her role, she conducts product research and development for handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzers. She studied chemistry and biological sciences and is a trained analytical chemist.

Lauren Dos Santos

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May 21, 2020
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