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ECNDT 2018 Wrap Up Part 3: RVI

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Remote visual inspection (RVI)

In this third and final part of our ECNDT 2018 wrap up series, learn about the technological innovations involved in delivering brighter videoscope images and how remote visual inspection technology is improving the efficiency of wind turbine inspections. Check out the abstracts and presentations below!

Increasing the Brightness of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Instruments

Presenter: Tatsumi Ise


An industrial videoscope is an instrument that enables inspectors to visually inspect areas that are otherwise difficult to access, such as the combustion chamber of a jet engine. Videoscopes support industry by helping reduce time, labor, and associated costs by enabling users to nondestructively inspect inside components that would otherwise need to be disassembled. To meet the requirements of industry, Olympus has developed a brighter illumination system for videoscopes. This paper discusses this new illumination system and the positive impact it has on image quality.

Improving the Efficiency of Wind Turbine Inspections

Presenter: Liam Hanna


Wind turbines are an efficient and growing source of renewable energy, but due to the complexity of their interior machinery—gearboxes in particular—they need a regular inspection to help prevent damage, downtime, and even catastrophic failure.

Videoscopes that are used to carry out gearbox inspections need to operate within extreme conditions within dark, reflective, and oily environments.

Under these conditions, maneuverability, smart illumination control, and high-quality optics are critical parameters that contribute to inspection efficiency, speed, and reliability.

Olympus has developed specific solutions for wind turbine applications to improve the inspection efficiency.

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August 31, 2018
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