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New Application: Corrosion Mapping on Carbon Steel Using the RollerFORM Scanner
Precisely Measure Shape and Surface Roughness at the Sub-Micron Level with the LEXT OLS5000 3D Measuring Laser Microscope.
The new GX53 inverted microscope with expanded image production capability is used for a wide range of applications often seen in the steel, automotive, electric device, and other manufacturing industries.
New application: Measuring Weld Throat Thickness with OLYMPUS Stream Image Analysis Software
New application: Circuit Pattern Inspection on Wafer Samples
The New NORTEC 600 Heat Exchanger Tubing Inspection Kit Makes Inspections Faster and Simpler
New application: Measuring the Edge Shape of Engine Inlet and Exhaust Valve Heads
New application: Measuring the Coating Thickness of Automobile Fuel and Brake Pipes
New Application: Axial Inspection of Corrosion in Pipes
Work Connected with the Olympus Scientific Cloud
New application: Observation of the Rubber Surface Condition of New and Old Windshield Wiper Blades
New application: Inspection of Contaminants in the Space Expander of a Piston Ring
New application: Using Image Analysis Software to Measure Throwing Power or PCB Copper Plating Thickness Uniformity
Case Study: How Portable X-ray Fluorescence (pXRF) Analyzers Enhance Mineral Exploration and Grade Control of Nickel Sulfides
Olympus Expands its Presence in Quebec
New application: Ultrasonic Measurement of Liquids
New application: Measuring the Dimensions of Ceramic Capacitors
New application: Observation of Precision Blade Edges
EPOCH 6LT Goes To Space
New application: Ultrasonic testing of spot welds
New application: Inspection of Fuel Injection Nozzle Aperture Burrs
New application: Wiring Inspections for Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
New application: Microscopic Inspection of O2 Sensor Housing Cover
The new EPOCH® 6LT flaw detector combines powerful functionality with a highly portable form factor.
The new MX63/MX63L microscope system for large samples such as wafers, flat panel displays, and printed circuit boards.
Conventional and Phased Array UT Bond Testing in Composite Power Line Insulators.
Conventional ultrasonic ringdown test for bond integrity.
Conventional ultrasonic phase shift test for Bond Integrity.
Conventional UT Detection of Laminar Cracking in Fiberglass
See how to export C-Scan in .CSV format file directly from the OmniScan or from OmniPC.
The Sonora Project Analyzes Soil Geochemistry with pXRF
New application: Automated confirmation of nodularity in ductile iron castings by measurement of ultrasonic sound velocity
New application: Using Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement to Verify Nodularity in Ductile Iron Castings
New application: Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspections at ALL NRG
New application: Surface Texture Analysis Using a Laser Scanning Digital Microscope
See the fast, readily viable solution for small diameter pipe and tube inspection
Create your scan plan with the new onboard Compound S-Scan in MXU 4.4 software.
New application: Contaminants in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Through-Holes / Various microscopy techniques using digital microscopes
New application: Portable XRD for Bauxite: Exploration, Mining, and Extraction
The New Vanta Handheld XRF for RoHS and Consumer Safety Delivers Confidence When Screening for Hazardous Substances
New application: Metal Concentration Measurements of Industrial Wastewater Influent
Available Wi-Fi : Stream live video via a wireless network(Manufacturer:Scalar Corporation).
New application: Welding a Radiator Fin / Versatile digital microscopes facilitate multiple microscopy techniques in a single system
New application: Custom and Maritime security
New application: Eddy Current as an Alternative to Magnetic Particle Inspection for Carbon Steel Welds
New application: Using Portable XRD (pXRD) to Analyze Explosives, Forensics, and Narcotics
New application: Mineralogy Diffraction for Metallurgy
New application: Measuring the volume of adhesive drops / Micron-sized shape measurement using a laser microscope
New application: Dimensional measurement of perforations on a paper box / Microscopic shape measurement using a laser microscope
New application: Dimensional measurement of embossed carrier tape for capacitors / Microscopic shape measurement using a laser microscope
Oil Clearing Videoscope Tip Adaptor: For a Faster Gearbox Inspection.
Extend your vision: 10 m scopes for the IPLEXR RX/RT videoscope.
New application: Surface profile evaluation of materials for lithium-ion battery collectors / Non-contact 3D surface profile measurement using a laser microscope
New application: Inspection of the processed shape of expanded meta/Non-contact 3D surface profile measurement using a laser microscope
New application: Step measurement of transparent film applied to a glass surface/Microscopic shape measurement using a laser microscope
New application: Gold exploration with portable X-ray diffraction

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