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IF6C5X1/ IF8C5/ IF11C5 Features and Functions
Outer diameterφ6.0mmφ8.4mmφ11.3mm
Effective length 800mm IF6C5X1-8    
1,000mm   IF8C5-10 IF11C5-10
1,300mm IF6C5X1-13    
1,500mm   IF8C5-15  
2,000mm IF6C5X1-20 IF8C5-20  
3,000mm IF6C5X1-30 IF8C5-30 IF11C5-30
Distal end length 13.7mm 21.9mm 25.5mm
Field of view Convertible using optical adapter
Direction of view Direct/ Side viewing (Convertible using optical adapter)
Depth of field (Fixed focus) Convertible using optical adapter
Illumination system Light guide system
Bending section Angulation range Up-Down 120°, Right-Left 100°
Light guide cable length 2,000mm
Industrial Fiberscopes IF6C5X1/ IF8C5/ IF11C5 Optical Adapter Specifications
ScopeOptical adapterField of viewDirection of viewDepth of field
IF6C5X1 Provided AT60D/FF-IF6C5 60° Direct viewing 11 to ∞mm
Optional AT30D-IF6C5 30° Direct viewing 26 to 372mm
AT60D/NF-IF6C5 60° 5 to 102mm
AT100D-IF6C5 100° 4 to ∞mm
AT30S-IF6C5 30° Side viewing 21 to 138mm
AT60S-NF-IF6C5 60° 4 to 85mm
AT60S/FF-IF6C5 60° 9 to ∞mm
AT100S-IF6C5 100° 4 to ∞mm
IF8C5 Provided AT60D/FF-IF8C5 60° Direct viewing 20 to ∞mm
Optional AT30D/NF-IF8C5 30° Direct viewing 30 to 70mm
AT30D/FF-IF8C5 30° 60 to 250mm
AT60D/NF-IF8C5 60° 9 to 50mm
AT100D/NF-IF8C5 100° 3 to 200mm
AT100D/FF-IF8C5 100° 9 to ∞mm
AT30S-IF8C5 30° Side viewing 45 to 90mm
AT60S/NF-IF8C5 60° 8 to 40mm
AT60S/FF-IF8C5 60° 20 to 240mm
AT100S/NF-IF8C5 100° 3 to 140mm
AT100S/FF-IF8C5 100° 9 to 200mm
IF11C5 Provided AT60D/FF-IF11C5 60° Direct viewing 27 to 390mm
Optional AT30D/NF-IF11C5 30° Direct viewing 38 to 70mm
AT30D/FF-IF11C5 30° 65 to 120mm
AT60D/NF-IF11C5 60° 11 to 45mm
AT100D/NF-IF11C5 100° 5 to 70mm
AT100D/FF-IF11C5 100° 16 to 300mm
AT30S-IF11C5 30° Side viewing 55 to 100mm
AT60S/NF-IF11C5 60° 11 to 40mm
AT60S/FF-IF11C5 60° 28 to 440mm
AT100S/NF-IF11C5 100° 3 to 22mm
AT100S/FF-IF11C5 100° 12 to 250mm
IF6C5X1/ IF8C5/ IF11C5 Operating Environments
Operating temperatures Insertion tube In air -10 to 80°C (14 to 176°F)
In water 10 to 30℃ (75 to 86°F)
Other parts than above In air -10 to 50℃ (14 to 122°F)
Operating atmospheric pressure Insertion tube In air / water 1013 to 1317hPa
Other parts than above In air 1013hPa
Liquid resistance
(against machine oil, light oil and 5% saline)
Waterproof Insertion tube  
Drip-proof Control section  


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