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USPM-SA Software Version 1.01.008

USPM-SA Software Version 1.01.008

This program updates the USPM-SA application software to version 1.01.008.

Version to be applied

Version 1.01.007
Please note that this program is specialized for the version described above. You cannot use this software for other versions of this system.

Product to be applied


Applicable cameras

FOCUS Camera: MCM-320
CT Camera: UI-1222LE-M
Please note that this program does not support cameras other than those listed above.

OS to be applied

Windows 10 Professional(64-bit)
Windows 11 Professional(64-bit)


Supported operating environment has been changed and software has been improved. For more information, please see the release notes included in the downloadable file.

Update procedures

1. Before installation

A Software License Agreement is included in this program. Please read the Software License Agreement carefully before downloading. Downloading the software means that you have accepted the agreement.

2. Procedure to download the file

1) Click the Download button on the bottom of the page.
2) When the entry form is displayed, enter the requested information.
3) Press the Download button to begin downloading.
4) When the ‘Download the file’ dialog appears, press the Save button to download to the desktop of the PC. 
5) The download is in a compressed ZIP file format. Please decompress the file.
    *To decompress the compressed file, select the file on the explorer, right-click it to display the menu, and select Open All.
    *The file configuration after decompression is shown below.

 USPM-SA Ver 1.01.008
 │   ├─ReleaseNotes_of_USPM-SA_Ver1.01. 008_EN.pdf
 │   └─ReleaseNotes_of_USPM-SA_Ver1.01. 008_JP.pdf

6) Copy the decompressed file set including subfolders to portable media, such as a CD-ROM.

3. Update procedure

Please update according to the version upgrade manual “PW1045_15_USPM-W-B_Inst_E.pdf” in the zip file.

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