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Latest: STM7 Excel Transfer Tool Ver 1.3.1

Latest: STM7 Excel Transfer Tool Ver 1.3.1

■ Outline of Software

This program is for Measuring Microscope STM7 and is the free software with functions to acquire coordinates from the microscope and to transfer the coordinate data to Microsoft Excel®.


Applicable product

System Configuration
OS:                     Windows7 Professional 32bit/64bit SP1 (Japanese/English)
                           Windows10 Pro 32bit/64bit SP1 (Japanese/English)
                           Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
                          (PC (Operability confirmed):made by HP Z230/Z240)
PC Specification: CPU Intel® CORE i3 Processors 3GHz or more
                           32bit Color
                           Serial Port (RS232C  1 port or more)
Applicable Office: Microsoft Excel® 2010/2013/2016 (32bit)

Installation procedures
1.Before installation
OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT” is included in this program. Please read it carefully before downloading the program. If you start downloading, you shall be deemed to have consented to the terms and conditions in “OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT”.


(1) Select the file to be downloaded in the right area of the page.
(2) Press the [Download] button to start downloading. 
(3) Decompress the file. (The downloaded file is compressed in ZIP format.) 

※ Decompress the compressed file by 1) Select the file on Explorer, 2) Right-click the file to display the menu and 3) Select [Decompress all].
※ The file configuration after decompression is shown below. 

・ExcelTransferTool Ver.1.3.1\
│   └ExcelTransferTool.exe   (Execution file)
    │ └STM7-ASW-CNT_Help.chm  (Help file in English)
       └STM7-ASW-CNT_Help.chm  (Help file in Japanese)

■ Operation procedures

・Double-click the execution file shown above to start execution.
・For operation procedures, refer to the Help file in the decompressed folder.

■ Other precautions

(a) The setting values in the maker setting mode must be inputted by Olympus. Do not change the setting values by yourselves. The operations are not ensured if you perform the maker setting function of this product.

(b) Do not change the signs of the counting direction of X-, Y- or Z- axis which were set as initial values.

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