DELTA XRF Analyzer - Instrument Software

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DELTA XRF - Update to Software Version

These instructions walk through how to update the software on any DELTA running version 2.5.19 or later. If needed, instructions for installing the latest version of DELTA PC Software are included. Updating the PC Software to is recommended to avoid compatibility issues with the handheld, but not required.

  • If your current software is older than, you will get a warning to upgrade the firmware each time the new software starts up:

    This firmware update is recommended to help prevent instrument memory corruption. Please contact Olympus by phone (781-938-5005) or email ( to have it updated remotely.

Updating DELTA Instrument Software:

1. Ensure the software version currently installed is 2.5.19 or later. This is found by tapping the X in the top-left corner of the screen.

2. Connect the instrument to a PC with Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista, 7, 8) or ActiveSync (Windows XP) installed. The 32 and 64-bit versions are available on our FTP site if needed.

3. Right-click the file provided and select Extract All. A window will appear confirming the location you’d like to extract to – make sure the Desktop is selected and click Extract.

4. Double-click the DeltaRemoteInstaller.exe file now on the Desktop. Verify the Status is Connected and click the Install button. Once complete, close the Remote Installer window and restart the DELTA.

5. When the DELTA starts back up, verify the software version listed is now using the same method from (1).