OLYMPUS Stream Ver.1.8 Service Update (for Windows OS -64bit)

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1. General

A service update is an OLYMPUS Stream update that helps make OLYMPUS Stream more reliable.

Service Update OLYMPUS Stream V1.8 Release Notes

The latest available OLYMPUS Stream Service Update fixes the following problems:

Topic Issue
Database Correction of the problem that occurs after an update of a database created with Stream 1.7 to Stream 1.8. Some system database fields (Creation Time, Modification Time) remained empty after inserting new records.
Correction when French STAR databases were converted into Stream and cannot be used with Stream due to special French characters (apostrophe) in database field names of STAR databases.
Correction of the crash that happens when selecting menu entry Database > Import/Export when Stream and analySIS (e.g. Particle Inspector) are installed on the same computer.
Correction of the problem with migration of STAR database with large picklists where the picklists values were changed
Correction of the problem that databases created by a user with Stream Document Storage or using solution "Workgroup Database" cannot be opened by another user.
Databases with user rights (Stream Enterprise or solution "Enterprise Database") are not affected.
Devices Correction of the issue with manual calibration of each objective with SZX16 fitted with zoom encoder and more than one objective
Correction of the MX61A first time initialization sequence.
Correction of the MX61A handswitch functions and logic which were erroneous when using an AFA2M laser autofocus. The trace button is now active on the MX61-HSTR.
File Import Correction of the wrong calibration reading for DSX/ LEXT files, the calibration value should be corrected from the maker parameter for Gauge R application.

It is recommended to install the Service Update for OLYMPUS Stream V1.8 if you are migrating databases from OLYMPUS Stream V1.7 to OLYMPUS Stream V1.8.

2. Installation procedure

1. Before installation

This software comes with an "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". Prior to downloading the software, please read the OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. When downloading begins, it automatically assumes that you have agreed to this.


(1) Click the [Download] button at the right of this page.

(2) When an entry form appears, enter all required fields.

(3) Click the [Download] button to start downloading.

Please note that due to the file size, the download time can take up to 60 minutes. The download has been tested with Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers.

3. Installation procedure

1. Uncompress zip file


2. Right-click on the icon and select [Extract All…] from the pop-up menu.

3. Set a Destination and click the [Extract] button.


4. The file is uncompressed and the folder is opened. And double click on the file "Stream_1.10459.2_Win32.exe" in the folder.

5. For detailed update procedures, see here.

* The software requires administrator rights for conducting the installation process. If your account is not known as an administrator account, then it is necessary that you request assistance from your PC administrator to install this software.

* Please read the "OLYMPUS END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" before downloading.