DP72 Device driver for windows Vista 64-bit, V01

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1. General

This device driver enables the operation of DP72 on Windows Vista 64-bit Editions.

Please install following procedure (The detailed installation procedure is as shown below.).

  1. Install PCI Express I/F board
  2. Install the device driver
  3. Install the software DP2-BSW

Unless this procedure is followed, the software cannot be installed correctly.

2. Software Modifications

  • Main modifications for DP72.
    • Windows Vista Business/Ultimate 64-bit Editions compatible

3. Installation procedure

  1. Before installation
  2. Download
    • Please enter all the required (*) fields in order to download the software.
    • Click the [Download] button to begin the download and save it on Desktop.
      * Download file name: [DP72x64DeviceDriverV01.exe] (1.86MB)
      Please use the number printed here for the "Serial No.".
  3. Device Driver Installation procedure
    1. Double click the file [DP72x64DeviceDriverV01.exe] you saved in the folder in above procedure [2. Download] to open it.
    2. Read installation details.
    3. If the installation of the device driver is not finished correctly and the exclamation markMalAd Device is displayed on the icon in the [Device Manager], please see "here" for details.
  4. DP2-BSW Installation procedure
    1. Install the [DP2-BSW Ver.2.1 or later] after installation of the device driver. Please refer to Installation Manual to confirm how to install [DP2-BSW Ver2.1] or later.

      * Do not operate your mouse wheel on running DP2-BSW. When you use mouse wheel, the display image may be zoomed out. (It does not affect the image data.)

      * The software cannot be installed unless the user account is registered as a "Computer Administrator".
      If the user account is registered as a "Restricted Account", change it to a "Computer Administrator" account.
      (For the user account registration, refer to the instruction manual for your PC.)