D21-CB Ver. update

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1. General

This software will update to the D21-CB Ver.
Applicable DP2-CB : To check serial number of DP2-CB. If the bottom of the number is [A0],[A1] and [A2], It is possible to update.


2. Software Modifications

  • Main modifications of the D21-CB Ver.
    • "Poly-line" was added in the measurement functions.
    • The maximum number of corners in the polygon area and the boundary length was increased to 100 points
    • The displayed measure in measurement result was changed from "mm " to "auto indication "mm" and "µm" .
    • The displayed number of digits in measurement result was changed as below.
      ■ Length: the fourth place of decimals → four significant digits
      ■ Area: the eighth place of decimals → seven significant digits
      ■ Angle: the fourth place of decimals → five significant digits

The above updates have made it possible to acquire DP2-TWAIN images using ImageGear by Accusoft Pegasus.

3. Installation procedure

  1. Before installation
  2. Download
    • Please enter all the required (*) fields in order to download the software.
    • Click the [Download] button to begin the download .
      * Download file name: [DP21SAL010242.zip] (2,678KB)
      * Please download the [DP21SAL010242.zip] file in your USB flash memory. (**)
      * Serial number is the alphanumeric characters indicated on your DP21-CU. (See the figures below.) The number printed here is the serial number.

      **More 20MB free disk space require in the USB flash memory. If there are other files in the USB flash memory, please backup the files in advance.

  3. Update procedure
    • Melt he file "DP21SAL010242.zip" you saved in the USB flash memory in the route directory the 1st partition.
    • The following files are unarchiveed.
      ■ DP21BSW_SETUP0102.exe (35KB)
      ■ DP21BSW_SETUP010201.exe (35KB)
      ■ DPUpdateTool.ini(1KB)
      ■ Readme.txt(1KB)
      ■ AppUpdate.bat(1KB)
      ■ Folder\Release(6.43MB)
    • About detail of update procedure, please see here.
  4. Verification of version
    • When the update is complete, place the cursor on [MAINTENANCE] in the MENU display and press the [OK] button.
    • Place the cursor on [VER…] and press the [OK] button.
    • If you see "Ver." in the DPE-BSW, the update is properly completed.
  5. Download the manual
    • Please download the manual of the modifications of Ver. from here.