D21-CB Ver. update

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1. General

This software will update to the D21-CB Ver.
Applicable D21-CB : To check serial number of D21-CB. If the bottom of the number is from [A0] to [A3], it is possible to update.

de21 serial

2. Software Modifications

  • Modification to below bugs
    • When the 3 points circle measurement is used, there are some cases which the result number is not correct.
    • There are some cases which the measurement result is displayed not 1.000 mm but 1000 um when it is 1.000 mm.

3. Installation procedure

  1. Before installation
  2. Download
    • Please enter all the required (*) fields below in order to download the software.
    • Click the [Download] button to begin the download .
      * Download file name: [DP21SAL010244.zip] (2,678KB)
      * Please download the [DP21SAL010244.zip] file in your USB flash memory. (**)
      * Serial number is the alphanumeric characters indicated on your DP21-CU. (See the figures below.) The number printed here is the serial number.
      dp21 serial2
      **More 40MB free disk space require in the USB flash memory. If there are other files in the USB flash memory, please backup the files in advance.

      Olympus uses your personal information for the following purposes only:
      (1) to provide services and support regarding our products;
      (2) to provide information on our products and services; and
      (3) to gather statistical information regarding our product.
      We may disclose your personal information to our affiliates for the above purposes after obtaining their promise to observe above mentioned use covenant. Other than as provided above, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties except as required by laws and regulations.
  3. Update procedure
    • Melt the file "DP21SAL010244.zip" which you saved in the USB flash memory in the route directory the 1st partition.
    • The following files are unarchiveed.
      ■ DP21BSW_SETUP0102.exe (35KB)
      ■ DP21BSW_SETUP010201.exe (35KB)
      ■ DPUpdateTool.ini(1KB)
      ■ Readme.txt(1KB)
      ■ AppUpdate.bat(1KB)
      ■ Folder\Release(6.43MB)
    • About detail of update procedure, please see here.
  4. Verification of version
    • When the update is complete, place the cursor on [MAINTENANCE] in the MENU display and press the [OK] button.
    • Place the cursor on [VER…] and press the [OK] button.
    • If you see "Ver." in the DPE-BSW, the update is properly completed.
      dp21 version info