Rigid Borescope

These rigid instruments use optical lens systems to transmit an image from the inspection area back to the eye and a non-coherent fiber bundle to illuminate the object.

Standard Rigid Borescopes

A wide range of standard Rigid borescopes are available featuring various diameters, working length, viewing directions and angles. The stainless steel insertion tube is usable at temperature between -20°C and 150°C.

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Swing Prism Borescopes

Rigid borescopes which direction of view can be adjusted continuously from fore-oblique to retro viewing-coupled with the field of view, this allows a total viewing arc of 120°to 140°.

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Zoom Swing Prism Borescopes

Zoom Swing Prism Borescopes incorporates the same characteristics as the standard swing prism, but with the added feature of 2X optical zoom. This allows the user to zoom onto an object of interest, providing a magnified view.

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Aeroengine Borescopes

Borescopes, designed to meet the engine manufacturers' specifications for optimum inspection performance. Some of these instruments feature a rotating graticule to aid in the visual assessment of defects.

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MK Modular Mini-Scopes

The innovative modular design in 1.2mm, 1.7mm and 2.7mm ultra-thin borescopes allows cost-effective inspections, reducing the risk of damage and need for repair. The compact and versatile system design is ideal for routine inspections such as those found in the automotive industry.

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