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Uranium Exploration, Pathfinders & Light Elements

Olympus' DELTA range of Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzers continue to lead the way in real time, in-field geochemical analysis. Custom built for exploration and mining specific applications, the DELTA hosts a powerful 4W X-ray Tube coupled with an application optimized anode and silicon drift detector providing the lowest possible Limits of Detection (LOD's) in the shortest possible analysis times. With a workable LOD of 2-4 ppm for both Uranium Thorium, the DELTA provides unparalleled performance for the Uranium Explorer with quantification at or below the same level as the average crustal abundance for Uranium (typically around 2-4 ppm U)

The DELTA's 3-Beam Soil Mode provides both the power and flexibility to tailor your analytical requirements in line with the geochemical signatures of the deposit style you are searching for, with access to a range of over 30 analytes. Whether you are exploring for Calcretes, Phosphorites or Unconformity-related style Uranium mineralization, the DELTA arrives configured with an effective pathfinder element suite which includes P, V, Ni, As, Mo Base Metals plus the ability to analyze Light Elements with the addition of 2-Beam Mining Mode. This added versatility enables analysis of Whole Rock Litho-Geochemistry and Alteration assemblages and can include Mg, Al, Si, P, S, K, Ca in addition to standard Mining Mode elements.

Delta Handheld XRF Analyzer testing a rock outside

Summary Geochemical Signatures
Deposit Type Geochemical Signatures
Unconformity-related Nl, Pb, Co, As, B, Mo
Sandstone Mo, Se, Ti, S, Fe
Breccia Complex (IOCG) Fe, Cu, Au, Ag, Ba, F & REE
Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate Ti, Au, Ag, REE, Fe, S, PGE, Ni, Co
Calcretes (Surficial) V
Phosphorite P, F
Other Uranium Deposit Types Include:Vein, Intrusive, Volcanic & Caldera-related, Metasomatic, Collapsed Breccia Pipe, Lignite & Black Shales
Table Source: ioGlobal Geochemistry Workshop - Oct 2008

Data sample result graphs

Olympus IMS
Products used for this application

Combining a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and a 4W optimized X-ray tube, the DELTA Professional provides superior performance in speed, LODs, and elemental range. It analyzes Mg and higher for Alloys and Mining. The DELTA Professional is the best value solution from Olympus for handheld XRF.
DELTA Mining and Geochemistry Handheld XRF Analyzers provide immediate results to help determine the next course of action for the entire process – exploration, ore grade/process control, environmental sustainability. On-site detection of metals, minerals and contaminants. GPS-GIS-XRF for instant metal mapping, time, cost savings.
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