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Thickness Measurements on Rubber Sheets and Coatings

Rubber sheets and rubber coatings can be difficult to gauge with conventional mechanical thickness measurement techniques. With ultrasonic thickness gages, however, any point on the entire surface of a rubber sheet - and not just the edges - can be measured without ever having to contact the opposite side. Ultrasound waves travel through the rubber coating and reflect from the acoustic interface of the rubber and the substrate. This acoustic interface can be air, rubber-steel, rubber-composite, or other materials, as long as the outside surface of the rubber is available for probe coupling.

It is important to know the exact nature of the application since rubber coating on certain materials may require special setups in order to maintain accuracy of thickness readings.

Equipment: Thickness measurements on rubber sheets can be done with precision thickness gage models 38DL PLUS and 45MG with Single Element software Typically, these hand-held gauges in combination with appropriate transducers between 2.25 MHz and 20 MHz can measure rubber materials in the range of 0.008 to 0.250 in. (0.2 to 6 mm).The specific range will vary depending on the transducer and setup being used. Thick or attenuating rubber materials will require the HP (High Penetration)software option for the 38DL PLUS and 45MG.

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Products used for this application


The handheld 45MG ultrasonic thickness gage is packed with measurement features and software options. This unique instrument is compatible with the complete range of Olympus dual element and single element transducers, making this gage an all-in-one solution for virtually every thickness gage application.


The 38DL PLUS is an advanced ultrasonic thickness gage. Uses dual element transducer for internal corrosion applications, and has features that include THRU-COAT technology and echo-to-echo. Uses single element transducers for very precise thickness measurements of thin, very thick, or multilayer materials.

Magna-Mike 8600

The Magna-Mike is a Hall effect thickness gage that uses a magnetic probe to perform accurate measurements on nonferrous and thin materials such as plastic bottles.
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